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The Committee is responsible for the transformation of the Judiciary through creation of a learning culture that will enable judicial officers acquire the skills, attitudes and capabilities needed to deliver its services. In doing so, the Committee shall continuously institute programmes for change and change management, and shall;
(i) Scrutinize, review and recommend to the Commission for approval the relevant Policies and Guidelines;
(ii) Review and recommend to the Commission for approval training, development and change management programmes;
(iii) Recommend to the Commission budget for training and development; and
(iv) Monitor, evaluate and review the training, development and change management programmes.

Authority and responsibilities

The Committee shall:
(i) Recommend strategic direction for training, development and change management in the Judiciary;
(ii) Recommend to the Commission policies and guidelines on training and development;
(iii) Work with the management to ensure that strategies for training, evaluation are consistent with strategies and policies across all areas;
(iv) In consultation with the management recommend to the Commission required skills and competencies for judicial officers;
(v) Facilitate the establishment of professional networks and linkages to develop and grow leadership in the Judiciary;
vi) Establish and review linkages and collaborations with similar institutions across the world;
(vii) Review and evaluate the existing training programmes offered by the JTI in training of judges, magistrates and staff of the Judiciary, to ascertain their value adding character.
(viii) Prioritize the key areas of training and continued legal education for judges magistrates and staff of the Judiciary.
(ix) Develop clear training policies.
(x) Evaluate the organizational structure of JTI and recommend an efficient structure that will meet the needs of the institution.
(xi) Develop a strategic plan for the institute.
(xii) Perform any such functions as the Commission may delegate committee.