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1. What is the Judicial Service Commission?

We investigate allegations of misuse of office, unethical conduct, corruption, lost files, maladministration, delayed cases, poor/slow service, cannibalized files, vindictiveness, incompetence, misbehavior, inefficiency associated with courts.

Complaints can only be lodged against judicial Officers/staff and the judiciary as an Institution.

2. How do I reach the Judicial Service Commission and are our services free?

a) Complaints can be made through the following means:
1: Visiting the Commission’s offices situated at (Nairobi CBD, Kenya Re-Insurance plaza, podium
floor) in person;
2: Writing a letter to Judicial Service Commission through P. O. Box 40048, 00200, Nairobi;
3: Writing an email to jscsecretariat@jsc.go.ke;
4: Filling an online complaint form on our website found here

b) What is the cost of JSC services?
All the services offered by the JSC are free of charge.

3. Whom can you complain about?

4. What results from a complaint?

5. How does the Commission carry out its work?

6. Who can lodge a complaint with the commission?

7. Can a complainant be victimized for filling a complaint?

8. What can one do if unhappy with the JSC decision?