The Commission is mandated to receive, investigate and resolve complaints against Judges under Articles 168 (2) and against Judicial Officers and Judicial staff.

Policies and Procedures

JSC has in place online employment application forms available under downloads. These are categorised as:- Income and liabilities declaration form ;JSC 2 form (Non-public office holders) ;JSC 2A form (Public Officers)

Who We Are

The Judicial Service Commission is a constitutional body established under Article 171(1) of the Constitution of Kenya. The constitution has conferred upon the commission an expansive and liberal mandate in the discharge of its functions. The mandate of the commission as provided for under Article 172 (1) of the constitution is to promote and facilitate the independence and accountability of the Judiciary and the efficient, effective and transparent administration of justice. The commission comprise of diverse membership which is spelt out under Article 171(2). The Commission has been in existence since independence. Under the former constitution of Kenya, the functions were limited to advising the president on the appointment of judges and disciplinary control over the registrar of the high court, magistrates, Kadhis and other employees of the Judiciary.